Printable Food Coupons – a Favorite Coupon Category!

Save Money - Printable Food Coupons

Save Money - Printable Food Coupons

When couponers are looking for their favorite coupon categories, printable food coupons rank high! Food is a basic necessity. You have to buy it, unless you grow and raise it yourself, which, if you do, you do not need printable food coupons! Saving money on items you must purchase is the best way to live frugally. Saving money in this way will allow you to have more money for the things you want. Other favorite coupon categories could include newspaper coupons.

Printable Food Coupon Sites:

Compared to newspaper coupons printable food coupons are almost always higher value and do not cost anything to get so it’s no wonder why they are one of the favorite coupon categories! You will have to print the printable food coupons yourself. If you use a laser printer you can save yourself money on the ink. There are a lot of sites so I awarded a favorite coupon categories award to the top site in each category. If you only have time to check out one site make sure it is that one!

 Organic Printable Food Coupon Sites:

Favorite Coupon Categories - food!

Favorite Coupon Categories - Food!

Despite what many believe there are many sites for organic printable food coupons! If you are looking for more information then head over to this post on 7 Organic Food Tips and The Greenbacks Gal’s organic coupons page. You can save on organic food! In fact the average Whole Foods couponer spends $65 on 23 items vs. $84 just by using coupons (and Whole Food does sometimes offer printable food coupons on their site)!

Printable Food Coupons sent straight to a store loyalty card:

One of the easiest ways to use coupons is to have them loaded straight to a store loyalty card. These coupons are deducted when your card is swiped. They only work at certain stores so check on the homepage of the site to make sure your local grocery store participates in the program.

Organizing your printable food coupons:

You can organize your printable food coupons the same way you do your newspaper coupons. One of the ways I suggest is to use a coupon binder. A coupon binder is easy to set up and it is the only method that allows you to see all of your coupons at once. You can always print only the coupons you need, but you should still set up an organization system. Once you start couponing and see that it can save you up to 90% off your regular bills you will start adding more and more coupons to your binder. If you do not have a coupon organization system then they will quickly overwhelm you. Even if you try to stick with only using the printable food coupons; it is more likely that you will include a few other printable coupons and some newspaper ones. Also, printable food coupons have a print limit that will be reached fast. Or, certain printable food coupons might only be available for a limited time. You will have to print those coupons when you can and put them into your coupon binder until you can use them.

I wrote an earlier post on how to make a coupon binder so for a detailed step by step tutorial head over to that post. If you do not want to use a coupon binder then you can always start out smaller. Purchase an accordian file and write your favorite coupon categories on the tabs. Some suggestions are below:

Favorite coupon categories:

  • Baby Items
  • Baking Items
  • Beverages
  • Canned goods
  • Cereals/Breakfast foods
  • Dairy
  • Frozen foods
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Makeup
  • Meats
  • Misc.
  • Medication
  • Disposable products
  • Box foods
  • Pets needs
  • Restaurants
  • Condiments
  • Snacks
  • Bath/Body

If you have a favorite coupon category that is not listed there then make sure to create a category for it. Those are general category suggestions. You do not want to have hundreds of coupons in each category or many of them will expire before you have a chance to use them. Split them up in your own favorite coupon categories to get the greatest benefit out of your organization method.

Newspaper Coupons

Printable food coupons are usually higher value than newspaper coupons, but that does not mean you should ignore the newspaper ones! There are more newspaper food coupons than printable food coupons and you can more easily get multiple copies (if you want). To get multiple copies of a printable food coupon you have to have access to multiple computers. Most of the sites limit the number of coupons you can print to two. If you use newspaper coupons you are only limited by the number of newspapers you want to buy. Sunday coupon preview tells you what coupons you will see each week.

There are some great sites that will help you learn how to coupon, whether you are just going to use printable food coupons or if you plan on saving money on everything you can! Here at Little People Wealth I have a coupons 101 post that explains three different “levels” of couponing. You can also read Budget Saving Mom’s post on couponing for beginners or Luv A Bargain’s post on how to start using coupons.

Read 3 Boys and a Dog’s post on couponing lingo or The Clipper Girls coupon lingo post if you need a refresher on coupon abbreviations.

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