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Work From Home

Work From Home

Before you start reading this article – here’s a disclaimer!

This article will clear the air about telecommuting or what is popularly referred to as working from home. It’s going to take a hard look at what working from home actually is and what it’s not.

Let’s begin with what it’s not. Working from home is clearly not a breeze. If you thought that working from home means waking up late, staying in your PJs the whole day long, taking frequent breaks, and managing to squeeze in an afternoon siesta on a work day, then you’re probably not going to like what’s coming.

It’s time to dispel some of the myths about working from home. It is serious business – as serious as any job done from an office space. Just because technology has made it possible to work in remote locations doesn’t mean the job at hand has become any easier.

In fact, it is much tougher to stick to a schedule at home where the distractions are many and escape routes none. Just because you’re working from home, the doorbell won’t stop ringing. Neither will your baby understand you are busy and not throw a tantrum during your work hours.

Working from home needs a lot more responsibility and discipline from you if you want to make it a success. So, if you are a natural procrastinator, don’t even try it. Working from home is not for you!

Benefits Galore!

Now that we’ve got the “not so good” part out of the way, here’s the good part. Home based careers are real and have some extraordinary benefits that make them an attractive option for many.

College students hoping to pay their way through college; stay at home parents eager to make some money; professionals keen on spending more time with their family; or people simply looking for something to do with their time will find working from home particularly empowering.

Before we talk about the benefits of working from home, it’s important to note that you may work from home as an independent consultant/freelancer or you could be an employee of a company that allows telecommuting.

You should also know that it is possible to start your home career with a vocational training from a tech school. Fields like medical transcription or virtual assistance are upcoming work at home professions for which vocational training courses are offered both online or in classrooms.

Now that you have your home-based career up and running, here are a few things you can look forward to enjoying:


  • No commute: Imagine, no more fighting your way through traffic each morning. No more of hailing cabs or waiting for subways. No more walking blocks after blockscome rain or sunshine and no more struggling to find parking space. If you’re working from your home office, the time you would have spent on commute can be dedicated to work or family.


  • Reduced costs: Telecommuting has cost benefits not just for employers, but also employees. You will not have to spend any money on traveling to work and if you have children at home, you can also save on the cost of childcare. Additionally, you will not have to spend money on putting together a wardrobe fit for office or things like buying food, coffee, etc. since you’ll have your lunch and coffee breaks at home.


  • Work on your own time: If you are working from home, you pretty much decide when to work. Early mornings, late nights or middle of the afternoon after putting the baby down for a nap – you are free to set a schedule that works the best for you.


  • Decide how much to work: Unless you’re an employee, working from home offers the advantage of choosing the amount of work you want to do. Depending on the time available, you can actually end up doing more than you would in an office or cut down the volume of work you take on.


  • More family time: Althoughit’s not as easy as it sounds, you can actually spend more quality time with your family if you work from home. Just remember that being in the house whole day doesn’t automatically translate into more time together. You will have to learn how to manage your time just like you would for a normal office job.


  • Environment friendly: It cuts the use of fuel; reduces the pollution from cars; saves electricity required for air conditioning an office. Need any more proof that working from home is as green as it can get?


  • Increased earnings: Yes, it is actually possible to make more money working from home than in an actual office. Just think about how many office hours are wasted in commute, meetings, and lunch, coffee, cigarette or gossip breaks. If you spend all that time on work, you may be able to achieve a lot more and consequently make much more than a salaried employee.
  • Increased productivity: This one is a no-brainer. A home career protects you from the stress and trauma of working in an office. It shields you from routine problems like office politics and physical exhaustion to serious issues like guilt at having left your baby under a stranger’s care. Additionally, the satisfaction of having more family time and more “me” time besides being available in case of an emergency also adds to the overall happiness quotient. And happier people are more productive people.

So, it’s clear that working from home has physical, emotional, financial, and environmental benefits. If you want to join this growing breed of professionals, enroll in a vocational training program today and start your own home career!

Career Step is a leading vocational school with almost 20 years of experience in providing online career training specifically designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills needed to quickly transition to a successful career after graduation.

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