10 #Homemaking Tips for Busy Moms

Homemaking Tips for Busy Moms

Homemaking Tips - Cleaning Set

We are busy, no doubt! We aren’t as busy with the housework as the 1950s mom, but we are much busier with everything else. Homemaking no longer means just cooking and cleaning. We now have 9-million errands that must be run, kids going in all directions, and either a 9-5 job or an at-home one.

So, how do we find time to get the house picked up? You would think being in it less would make it stay cleaner. Wrong! It is a mad “Dump and Grab” dash that happens in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

If you take advantage of the following homemaking tips, you should accomplish more in less time and reduce the “messy-house stress”!

The Busy Homemaker Tips for Homemaking Easier:

1. Daily chores must be done! Dishes and Laundry simply have to be done every single day. Otherwise, they pile up and you have to spend hours (or days) getting caught up. If you teach your kids to wash their dirty cups other dishes after snacks, you only have meal dishes to do!

2. Divide and Conquer! Everyone in your house is busy! You should not be the only one responsible for cleaning the house, cooking the food, or running the errands. If your husband passes the local grocery store, CVS, or Walmart every day on his way home from work, give him the list each week and let him do the shopping. It saves you a little time on errands AND saves gas since he goes right past it. Teach your kids to do certain things. This age appropriate chore chart will help you decide who can do what.

3. Make a List! Organization is the key to pretty much everything. If you (and the others in your home) have no clue about what needs doing when, then how can it get done? You could spend hours running around your house and never accomplish one thing. With a list, you can prioritize, and knock out the important things. Lists are great for everything from menus to party plans to shopping to cleaning. Why don’t you have list?

4. Put the things where you need them! If you have four bathrooms in your home, then you need 4 bottles of your favorite cleaner, four scrubbing brushes, and four pair of gloves. If everything is within reach, it makes housekeeping less time consuming to make a few quick swipes around the bathroom. Plus, a hot and wet tub cleans much easier than a cold and dry one!

5. Clean even when it isn’t dirty. If you wait until your white bathtub is Ecru, it will take MUCH longer to get it clean, much more physical labor, and much more money! If you swipe the tub down every time you take a shower, you never really clean anything and it stays clean! The same goes for pretty much every area of your house.

6. Clear out the Clutter! There is no way around it. If you have to move junk in order to sweep or vacuum. If you have a thousand what-knots sitting on your 47 shelves, it takes FOREVER to do a quick clean. GET RID OF IT! Choose a few of your favorite collectibles and put them under glass. Then, the glass gets wiped and you don’t have to dust as often. Get the junk off the floor, too!

7. Everything should have a home! A real live home. The thing I seem to say the most to my boys is not “go put this away” but rather, “Find a home for this.” If you have things in your home that you don’t really know where they belong, then you better “find a home” for them or get rid of them.

8. Leave a room better than it was when you entered it. There are a million 30 second chores than can be done around the house. Look around your bedroom, is there something that doesn’t belong? Even if it is just closing a drawer all the way or picking up a crumb from the floor. Make it better on your way out.

9. Put it away, don’t put it down. This is one my boys (yes.. all of them) have a problem with. Put it away the first time you touch it instead of letting things pile! When you are finished, put it away.

10. Empty the trash! Nothing makes a room look worse than overflowing trash cans! Empty them regularly and not only does the room appear cleaner, but usually smells cleaner, too!

Let me know how it goes!

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1 Tiffany September 20, 2011 at 8:57 am

Oh this list is so getting printed out today! I agree with everything on this thing… though I must confess I tend to put things down rather than put them away. And clutter especially when it comes to clothes and throwing things away is a big problem.


2 Heidi September 20, 2011 at 2:53 pm

🙂 Putting them down instead of putting it away just seems so much easier! Sometimes a few minutes difference is a lot for a mom.


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