Hopscout, My Dream Job, and Other Frustrations

I hope everybody had a blessed Easter! Ours was wonderful. My oldest son is now old enough to really enjoy the egg hunt (although my 13 month old kept finding his eggs!). My husband had to work so we fit everything in on his lunch break. It was a crazy and fun day.

I doubt any of you have been lucky enough to not hear my pleading about the Hopscout Editor opportunity that was supposed to end last Friday. Two weeks ago I found a job opportunity that was perfect for me. The interview process was unique and brilliant. You were to submit a video saying what about being a parent would make you a good Hopscout Editor and then the top 20 people (by votes) would go on for a second round where you would have to make a review video for a product they send you. The second round would be judged by their team.

Brilliant, right?! I love this company and their out of the box thinking! Allowing the moms with the most votes to get through ensures that they would get marketing for their site during the promotion and great marketers for their product once the jobs were filled. Then having a second round ensured that they would find creative, out-of the box thinkers – five out of twenty of the final applicants would be offered a job. It was a great strategy.

Very excited about this perfect opportunity I came up with some fun video ideas. I grabbed the video camera and was ready to roll… until I found out the video camera was not working. Unfortunately, our computer also went ka-put a few months ago. I still had my netbook video cam. Of course, it was only 0.3 mp and the ideas I had already come up with could not be filmed using the netbook. I considered borrowing one or doing a photo montage, but I wanted it to be more personal. So I watched some of the videos that were already submitted (we were already 4 days into the 14 day contest at this point).

Most of the videos I watched were quickly done and for good reason. This video was not going to be judged; it was just about getting votes. Once you made it into the final round you would be able to be as creative as you could! I decided to change my strategy and I put together a video using my netbook, uploaded it, and started getting votes!

Then came bad news: cheating, obvious cheating. Now, contests can bring out the worst in people. The facebook page up to this point had moms in high spirits. I myself had voted for almost everybody in the contest (even a single vote was so exciting when you were watching your numbers). Even cheating didn’t seem to get people down. Then Hopscout announced that it wouldn’t just be about votes – just give it your all. They knew how to find the fake votes. They were also going to be looking at comments on your page, participation on their page, and what you say in your video.

Then the second announcement; the contest was supposed to end Friday, but there were technical difficulties for part of Thursday evening so it was extended til Monday.

I have to be honest, I was sad. Not mad, not upset or angry… just very sad. I had spent a week promoting a video and now it was extended through a weekend that I did not want to use up by doing promotions. It was extended through Easter weekend and the following Monday. To make matters worse, the rules had changed. The new videos that were being submitted (that are still being submitted) knew that votes were not the only thing. They are creative, good videos. For a while I considered asking if I could submit a new video. Then I decided that I just couldn’t do it. Easter weekend is too special for me to be creating a video I could have done a week ago.

I saw on the facebook page that a person who was at #15 is now in the 60’s. I haven’t checked where I am now. I would have ended the contest at #38, but I am guessing I am pretty far down on the list now. I thought I had some wonderful comments on my page, but now that people know the comments are being read I see people writing resume type recommendations on pages. I was chatting on the page most of the day, but now that they announced they are also watching that, everything is buried with people posting their links and trying to get seen.

I want to thank everybody who helped me in this contest. I want to let you know that it was not completely for waste. I know what a great group of people my friends and followers are. I had some surprising allies in my quest – including well over 25 different sites and pages that posted things for their readers!

If I knew what I know now I would have spent a few days on the video. I would have borrowed a good camera and done a creative video worthy of the second round. I am trying not to beat myself up because there was no way for me to know that the rules would change. Even so, your vote did not go to waste. I still have a sliver of hope and seeing the number of people supporting my dream is amazing.

Voting ends tonight and here is my last plea… if you haven’t voted for me then please do. I appreciate your support more than I can say. This opportunity would be a blessing for my family. I am not posting the link on facebook and I am not going to watch my numbers. I will simply check to see who the twenty finalists are on Tuesday. Thank you for supporting me in my dream.

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1 Crunchy Frugalista April 25, 2011 at 5:39 pm

Keep your chin up, with all the changes maybe you will do even better! I am still crossing my fingers for you!


2 Heidi April 26, 2011 at 12:03 pm

Thanks 🙂 I have my chin up, but I still wish I would have known the rules from the beginning – I would have had a much better video! I’m excited to see the 20 finalists though – should be out soon!


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