Seven Reasons to Fear Money

Like it or not, we’ve created a monster and it wants to dominate us. Yes, I’m talking about money and it can be pretty scary at times. Not only does it make the world go round but the pursuit of it can become an addiction if we’re not careful, blinding us to what really matters in life. Here are seven reasons to fear money:


It’s far too easy to fool ourselves into thinking that we’ve somehow failed if we can’t keep up with the Joneses. If we define ourselves by how others perceive us, then money is bound to be a source of great anxiety, as we’ll be convinced we always need a lot of it to stay in the status race.
On average, Americans are living with credit card debts of around $8400 per household and you can bet the Joneses have similar amounts of debt too.

Making It
Winning a lottery seems like a dream come true but it has been a nightmare for many who have. With friends and family crawling out of the woodwork with their hands out, having wealth can suddenly become scary. Not to mention, it’s estimated that 1 in 3 lottery winners lose their fortunes within a few years of winning.
Losing It

The opposite side of fear associated with making money is the fear of one day losing everything you worked so hard to attain. Restructuring at work, bad investments, fires and theft – these can all remove our money in a heartbeat, leaving us unsure, unsafe and afraid.

The collapse of a global housing bubble is just the tip of the iceberg here and it shows that you can never be too safe.
The Face In The Mirror

Jetting off to Barbados when your bills are overdue can be a form of denial brought about by fear. Using money to escape the fear that we don’t have enough of the green stuff and don’t know how to get more outside of robbing a bank is a form of self-delusion usually brought about by our inability to face our own shortcomings and failures. Spending money isn’t a healthy way to make yourself feel better – in fact it will likely have the opposite effect if you get too carried away.

Financial State

Pick up the paper or watch the news on TV and you’ll hear that someone, somewhere, did something horrible to make a buck. Crime, corporate swindles, drug dealing, extortion, prostitution, kidnapping, murder… a lot of these are brought about by people looking to get rich quick.
Some people will do almost anything for money and that in it self is a scary thought. One that usually leads to asking oneself: what you would do for a price?

Money Changes People

We’ve all heard the stories of loved ones turning on each other after a wealthy relative dies. Well, the stories are sometimes true. Wills and estates can bring out the greed in us all and the changes they can bring about in our loved ones are terrifying. Whether this is part of the grieving process or some other psychological motivation, they can be horrifying and life changing. Money comes and goes but family doesn’t.

The Root Of All Evil

There is some truth to this statement, I suppose, although we often delude ourselves into breathing life into money where none exists. Money is just like any other object and we are the ones that place a perceived value on it. Money does not cause the evil in the world but it can be a motivation for people to do bad things. That’s an important distinction. You control how much, or how little, power that money has over you and how much you fear it.

This article was written by Andrew Salmon. He writes for a website that provides life insurance quote information for Canadians.

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1 Zeemaid June 24, 2010 at 8:09 pm

great post. I wish they'd cancel all those shows like Party Mammas and Real Desperate housewives…It sets these weird and unrealistically high bars. Not that I want their life style cause their kids are all brats.


2 James June 25, 2010 at 5:00 pm

money creates opportunity and opportunities equal freedom. since i love freedom i love money


3 LittlePeopleWealth June 26, 2010 at 9:47 pm

Zeemaid – I have never seen those shows, but I would guess that they do have high expectations. I wonder if they are really happy…?

James – money does create opportunity, but it also takes opportunity. It's that game of push/pull that makes it hard to figure out what in your life is important. You need money for opportunity, but at some point you are spending so much energy creating "opportunity" for yourself that you do not have the time or foresight to use it. The woman who works 80 hours a week and can put her children through school fully paid, but can't go on a vacation without taking her work along is an example of that.

Trying to find that balance is hard.


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