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Adgitize is a button ad system. The great thing with Adgitize is that it can also increase your traffic. Increased traffic means higher AdSense earnings and a higher rate for your directly sold ads. Adgitize is a very easy program to use once you get used to it, but there is a small learning curve. When you are a publisher with Adgitize you earn a share of the profits. The share you earn is dependent on how active and valuable you are in the network. Your activity is turned into a number (0-500) and that number is translated into daily earnings.

You score 0-100 points for the number of page views you have (you can double your page views by putting two ad units on your page, but you cannot put more than two). You score 0-100 points for the number of ad views you have (you can put up to 10 ads per page). You score 0-100 points for clicking on other peoples ads and visiting their site (you can actually do this relatively quickly as you learn who has their ads higher on their page). You score 100 points automatically if you advertise in the network and advertisers also get double the page and ad view points and they get full click points for only going to 51 blogs rather than 100. You score 100 points everyday that you post.

Those points are added up and translated into earnings. If you earn less than 100 points in a day then you are in the lowest tier (which means you will earn a few pennies a day). If you earn 100-300 points in a day then you are in the middle tier (which means you will earn around a dime a day). If you earn 300+ points in a day then you are in the top tier (which means you will earn around $0.45 and up a day). You want to be in that top tier, which you can do easily by posting daily (100 points), advertising (100 points), and clicking on other blogs (100 points). Your traffic will just be icing on the cake if you do those three things since you will be at the 300 point level.

When you place your adgitize ads put one high on your page so that people are more likely to visit and put an AdSense ad group and/or a popular links widget next to it so people clicking through the network sees them. They might see something they are interested in so you can earn some money (if an AdSense ad catches their eye) or turn them into a reader (if a post or popular link catches their eye). The Adgitize community tends to be somewhat close knit so you can gain some great commenters and readers through them.

TASK – Set up an Adgitize account and set up the ads on your site. You do not have to advertise with them right now, but you will at least begin to see how many points you get for your traffic.

Tomorrow we will discuss 5 other ad networks I use to earn money with my blog.

Make sure you sign up for the series giveaways (a month long Adgitize coupon is one of the prizes) and today you can gain an extra entry by leaving a comment letting us know what your favorite ad network is.

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