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It’s time for part three in my Drugstore Series.  Part One, Never Pay for Household Supplies Again, introduced the series and told you the supplies you would need.  Part Two was on making money at CVS.  This post, Part Three, is going to be on the Walgreens Register Reward program.

For those of you who are complete beginners, please start with my Walgreens for Beginners post.  Once you are familiar with the wording and the basics of the program then head back here to learn how to make this program pay for anything you want (as long as it is sold at Walgreens of course!)

Finding Walgreens Coupons
One of the trickier aspects of playing the Walgreens game is finding store coupons.  These locations usually have walgreens store coupons:

  • The walgreens weekly ad has coupons good for 7 days.  
  • There is usually a brochure that can be found at the front of walgreens (by the weekly ad) that is full of coupons good for a month.  
  • The walgreens pharmacy is also a good place for store coupons.  There is usually a walgreens coupon book either on the counter or in the rack next to the pick up area.  These are generally good for a full quarter.  
  • The walgreens coloring book will also have coupons.  This will cost you $0.99 and when it is available it will be sold at the counter.  The front page will have the Walgreens coupons in it.

All of these coupons are Walgreens specific store coupons.  This means they can be paired with manufacturer coupons.

Make Your Walgreens List
Finding the Walgreens Freebies is easy.  Just visit the Walgreens category of Little People Wealth and I will let you know what they are!  Choose the ones that you need and write them on your list.  Then write down the free products that you do not need.  Finally figure out the items you need and write those down.

Plan your Walgreens Trip
Usually Walgreen Register Rewards have a 2 week expiration date so if you have one that is expiring that week then make sure you use it!  Plan a trip that uses the entire value of your Register Rewards.  The first items on your list should be the freebies that you need.  If you still have RR’s to use then start adding items that you need or want that are not free.  If you still have RR’s after that then purchase the free items that you do not need.  You will find out what you can do with those in part four of this series.

Pay for your Walgreens Items

  • Always use your manufacturer coupons first at Walgreens.  The machines are less likely to beep this way.  After you give them your manufacturer coupons hand them your walgreens coupons and register rewards.
  • Register Rewards are considered manufacturer coupons.  They cannot be used on tax so make sure your total is high enough to use them without counting the tax.  If the last one beeps then throw a small item in your pile so it will go through. 
  • You can use one manufacturer coupon and one walgreens coupon per item.

Walgreens Register Reward Rules

  • If you use a register reward from a deal to run the same deal then you will not get another register reward.  You must roll your rewards using different deals.
  • You will get a full price Register Reward even if you use coupons.  Almost every week Walgreens will have a note next to one of their Register Reward products telling you that there are coupons for the product in that weeks newspaper.  Show this to the cashier as proof that they will accept coupons and still print the Register Reward if you have problems.  
  • If you find yourself in an argument that isn’t going anywhere then just go home and call the Catalina company at 1-888-8COUPON and they will send you your Register Reward.

Once you have a walgreens register reward stash you can continually use them to purchase other free products.  When a coupon can be used with a free product then you can grow your RR amount.  When you need something that is not free then your RR total amount will go down.  Do not focus too much on that part.  Everything you get using walgreens register rewards is free whether or not you get another register reward when you purchase it.

If you have any other questions about the walgreens program make sure to leave a comment or email me!

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