Eight Organization Tips from Readers

One of the ways you could get an extra entry into the household planner giveaway was to leave your best organization tip. Here are the great ideas you guys shared:

1 – I keep all my user manuals (fridge, stove, etc) under the silverware tray in the kitchen so they’re always handy. Stacy

2 – we have a family meeting once a week for 30 minutes, during which my husband and I compare calendars, figure out who has the baby at what time, what we’ll eat for dinner, etc. So helpful! Elizabeth

3 – My organization tip is to reuse cereal boxes for mail (have kids decorate it) and I have a mail box for each thing, bills, junk, husbands, kids. NicBurk

4 – Don’t procrastinate! Get it done. Cherise

5 – I’ve had lots of organization tips over the years, but really the best prevention one is to process everything daily–ie. when I get home from a shopping trip, I put everything away right away if I can. I process the daily mail at the garbage can & set in piles for different levels of the house. I try to fold laundry the day that it gets done. Library check-outs get put in their baskets as soon as we get home. If I can’t get to something on the same day, I will go level by level (4 levels) in my house the next morning, decluttering along the way. It’s so much easier to keep my house organized this way, instead of leaving everything for the weekend. Gardening Mommy

6 – I think using the 15 minute timer and getting things done in little chunks of time is a great organizing tool that I’ve using for a few months now. Surprising how much you can accomplish in 15 minutes! Jackie

7 – My best organizing tip is to organize my coupons the day before going to the store and organizing the coupons by aisle too! Mommy Kennedy

8 – Every time you bring something new into the house, take something out. Try it! Rea

Great ideas! Thanks everybody 🙂

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