Has Technology Changed Your Writing? + some Freebies!

I came across 50 free resources to improve your writing skills the other day and it really made me think. It’s a good article, by the way so check it out!

What is your writing style? I have written research papers that need to be peer reviewed and I can do it – really! But… I think the computer age has really changed my typical writing style.

I go into a different mode when I have to write something professionally. My normal writing is full of LOL’s, smilies, and anything else I can think to add. Does this take away or add to our writing?

When email first came out I found myself getting into sticky situations. Situations where I didn’t know what a friend meant or vice versa. I am sarcastic (very) in “real life” and that can be hard to show in writing. I also am always smiling and laughing. Surprisingly, I am a pessimist, but I think that is what keeps me so “bubbly”. I expect the worst and things always turn out so much better than I thought, LOL! Sometimes I can get super serious (usually when I am explaining something) and it can also come across the wrong way.

When I am writing socially I can add my LOL’s and smiles and it feels real, like I am actually speaking. I hope they help soften my sarcasm. If I leave them out it feels so fake! I can look over my “serious” posts and soften those as well because when I go into “think” mode things seem to come across as too “professional” (or maybe cold is the word I am looking for). Whichever word you use, it isn’t what I meant!

What do you think? Do you hate what technology has done for our communication or are you okay with the extra code?!

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