The Best Way to Save Money on your Skincare Products

All of us want to look as good as we can, for as long as we can and nothing is more revealing of our age than our face. So most women – and lots of men – invest heavily in skin care products. The best facial products can be quite expensive and if we’re concerned about product safety and want only natural skin care products, the cost will be even higher. So one way we can save money is to make our own facial products.

There are two kinds of homemade skin care products.

1. The first kind is made with ingredients from the kitchen. These are luscious, fun and inexpensive. I adore whipping up a strawberry and yogurt facial or a chocolate face mask. But there are four problems with these glorious concoctions that make them rather impractical.

* They’re usually ‘single purpose’. The strawberry facial is great but it isn’t a cleanser, it isn’t a toner and it doesn’t regenerate the collagen in your skin. For these functions you need more specific products.

* They’re impractical when you’re racing out the door in the morning, knowing you’re late for work – again – and you still have to drop the kids off at school. Kitchen skin care takes time … time to prepare and time for the products to do their work.

* Most of the ingredients in your skin care products are perishable which means they must be kept in the refrigerator. This not only requires extra effort but slathering an icy face mask on your skin can be quite … shocking.

* Because of the perishable ingredients, your products have a short life. Some of them only last a couple of days.

2. A more practical answer, one that is just as economical as kitchen cosmetics, is to make your own professional-grade skin care products that are just like the expensive kinds you buy in the department stores – except better! They’re superior because:

* They’re made just for your skin …
* They’re convenient because the ingredients have a much longer life …
* They have no preservatives or horrible chemicals like almost all of the manufactured ones …
* They’re cheap, cheap, cheap! …

Example: Save Money On Vitamin C Serum

The best way to illustrate how easy it is to save money on expensive skin care products is with one of my favorites: Vitamin C serum or lotion. Among the most popular vitamin C serums in the USA are:

* MD Skincare Hydra-Pure Vitamin C Serum, 1.0 oz. = $95

* Skinceuticals AOX 10 = $69 per ounce

* SkinMedica Vitamin C serum = $85 per ounce

* Dr. Perricone Vitamin C Ester Amine Complex Face Lift = $30 for 60 capsules

The best way to save money is to make your own vitamin C skin care product. Here’s an analysis of my costs.

==> Lotion that acts as a base = 24 ounces for $11.97
Cost per ounce = $.50

==> Vitamin C: $13.76 for 60 caps. Start with one cap and increase to two caps if you need a stronger potion
Cost per cap = $.23

Total cost for your vitamin C skin care product: $.73 or $.98

Is it hard to make personalized skin care products like these? Not at all! If you can use a spoon, you can make your own chemical-free, incredibly cheap and very effective natural skin care products. The famous phrase “pennies on the dollar” is definitely appropriate for these money-saving beauty potions. Look beautiful, save money – what can be better than that?

Sydney Johnston painfully discovered that her expensive skin products were damaging her skin so she learned to make her own inexpensive natural skin care products.

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1 Anonymous June 17, 2009 at 2:56 am

I can't get the above link to work, I love the ideas and would like to see more, could you please fix the link?


2 LittlePeopleWealth June 21, 2009 at 9:48 pm

Thanks for letting me know, it was a guest post so I am not sure where she was trying to go. I worked when it first went up so maybe she has broken the link.


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