Yummy & Easy Yogurt Recipe

DH got me a yogurt maker for my birthday. Before that I would just use my stock pot and rice packs to keep the yogurt at the right incubating temp, but I must say, it is super easy to put it in the maker and be done with it! The first steps are still the same so I can’t say it saves a ton of time. The great things about the yogurt maker is that I can make them in single serving jars (that have an expiration on top) and I can mix everything in from the beginning so I don’t have to do it when I am serving the yogurt.

I have a super healthy (and yummy) recipe that I have perfected for DS. This is also pretty thrifty when you are comparing it to store bought yogurt.

As most of you know, I do not feed meat to DS (and we do not eat much of it ourselves) so the nutritional content of his foods are very important to me. Whenever I come up with a new recipe I also figure the nutritional content.


42 oz whole milk ($0.98)
1 Tbs Blackstrap Molasses ($0.20)
1 Cup Berries- (I use a marionberry, blueberry, and raspberry mix ($0.31)
1/4 Cup Dry Milk ($0.28)
2 Tbsp Flax Meal ($0.07)
2 Tbsp Raw Wheat Germ ($0.06)
1 Package Yogurt Starter ($0.50)

1) Add everything except for the yogurt starter into a pan and scald it (until there are bubbles where the milk meets the pan) stirring constantly

2) Wait for it to cool to 90-110 degrees F and then add the yogurt starter

3) Add it to the yogurt jars (or jar if you are using the stock pot method of incubating)

4) Incubate for 4-12 hours. It should be firm. To incubate using a stock pot put the jar in the center and wrap it in heated rice packs, cover and let sit

5) Refrigerate at least one hour before eating


This makes (7) 6 oz servings, the nutritional content is per serving and the vitamin % is for an adult:

Calories = 150
Fat Calories = 59

Protein = 8 grams

Vitamin A = 5%
Vitamin C = 6%
Calcium = 22%
Vitamin D = 20%
Iron = 3%
Magnesium = 1%
Phosphorus = 2%
Riboflavin = 3%

This costs $0.34 per serving.

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1 Anonymous November 4, 2008 at 3:36 pm

Sounds delicious, where do you buy your yogurt starter? Thanks!


2 Mama2ce November 5, 2008 at 3:12 am

I get it at Whole Foods – you can get it at most natural or organic stores 🙂 It generally in the refrigerated section by the yogurt.


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